Briefs From AQUADAPT-Thailand

Project Summary

  • AQUADAPT Phase I Project Summary (PDF)

Policy and Practice

  • Aquaculture and Climate (PDF)
  • Risk Management Practices (PDF)
  • Effects of Climate Change on Rearing Tilapia in Earthen Ponds (PDF)
  • Farming Households’ Vulnerabilities and Adaptation to Weather and Water Variabilities (PDF)
  • How to Rear Tilapia in Earthen Ponds (PDF)
  • Manufacturing Fish Feed Using Household Materials (PDF)
  • Tilapia Diseases (PDF)
  • A Survey of Climate-Related Risks to Rearing Fish in Ponds (PDF)
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Circulation of Water in Fish Rearing Ponds (PDF)
  • Climate Change and Aquaculture in Northern Thailand: Risks and Adaptation Options (PDF)